Elegant Endeavors Antiques in Panama City Beach

Largest Multi-Dealer Mall in The Area!

No trip to Panama City (proper) would be complete, without an antiquing treasure hunt on historic Harrison Avenue. When I use to live only an hour’s drive away, I made sure to start my quest at the North end of Harrison at The Antique Cottage, and then on to the largest antique mall downtown, “Elegant Endeavors Antique Emporium.” This huge building has over 22,000 square feet of merchandise and 60+ vendors.

It is housed in the historic (c. 1959), three-story “G.C. Murphy Co.” department store building. It went on to also be the old “Imperial Furniture” store, but closed in the early 1990’s. Owners, Jane Lindsey and Debra Anderson opened the doors again in 2004. You would think that the mere mass of the place would be too overwhelming, but the shopping atmosphere is calming and quiet, except for the classical music playing lowly throughout the store. The two owners have quite a history of doll collecting, making, repair and appraisal so they have a large doll museum for viewing, in long glass cases on the ground floor. And although the partners favor their doll display, they have a wide selection of antiques, collectibles and vintage items.

You’ll find everything from fine European furniture, to good old 1950’s kitschy collectibles (my personal favorite). The floor that you walk into off of the street, is really the second floor, there are two sets of stairs leading down to the other half of the shopping experience. So just when you think you’ve taken it all in . . . there is more, so much more.  Personally, I love the relaxing mood that has been set for me as I stroll for sometimes hours. Be prepared to take your time, this is not an “I’ll just pop in and take a quick look around” kind of place.

If you are into vintage, they’ve got that too. Things that are not necessarily antique or collectible but are from days gone by are here too. It is a good resource for vintage clothing and shoes for example, all of that stuff is becoming popular again with the younger crowd and thankfully so! If you think this is just a place for women to find old stuff, think again . . . there is a whole section downstairs for the guys. If I’m discerning correctly what my girlie eyes saw down there, I believe there are old tools, fishing gear, heavy metal guy things and nautical stuff. There is a large collection of the vintage 45’s and 78’s record albums, you might even find an old record player as well.

The store has an on-site licensed appraiser there every Monday to tell you “what it’s worth”. They offer this service free to their patrons, now no more waiting forever, for the Antiques Roadshow to come to town! They not only sell but buy antiques, collectibles, dolls etc. The Store is open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday although on the second Saturday of the month, when the “Vintage Market” takes place downtown, they open early at 8:00 am. They are also open late for downtown events such as “Friday Fest” and are open most holidays.

Visit Elegant Endeavors online at www.elegantendeavorsantiqueemporium.com



Elegant Endeavors

13201 Hutchinson Blvd
Panama City, Florida 32401

Phone Number:
Local: (850) 769-1707