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The World’s Greatest Water Toy

Fly, Surf, and Ride at the same time on the world’s greatest water toy, the Electric Hydrofoil. The eFoil feels like you flying on a magic surfboard. There is nothing like it! Take a lesson or buy one for endless fun anywhere.

Welcome to PCB eFoils! Panama City Beach’s coolest attraction. Fly, Surf, and Ride at the same time on the world’s greatest water toy, the Electric Hydrofoil (eFoil). The eFoil feels like you flying on a magic surfboard. There is nothing like it. Take a lesson or get your own for endless fun anywhere.



One of the best aspects of eFoils is that they open up the entire ocean, lake, river, etc. as an endless playground. Two words come to mind with the Lift 3 eFoil: Casual and Versatile. No boat ramps, surf lineups, gas stations, maintenance or long lines. Only open water and what you want to do with it. This incredible tool gets straight to the point and allows you to experience true freedom on the water.

We conduct Lessons, Demos and Special Events in the area surrounding South Lagoon and the beach from St. Andrews State Park to The Warf. We also conduct lessons, demos and events in vicinity of the Hathaway bridge. For those who have private lakes or appropriate private water access, we can come to your location. Electric Hydrofoiling is an incredible watercraft technology that has a wide range of uses in almost all conditions but when first learning it is best to have very calm conditions.

Our highly trained staff is specially trained to ensure that you eFoiling experience is as safe as possible so you can focus on just having fun! We choose the best locations based on the weather that day to get the best possible experience for our students.

Why should you choose PCB eFoils?

1. We are a Combat Veteran (USMC) Owned and Operated Organization.
2. We only use the highest standard eFoils with the best customer support. Lift Foils (the inventers of the eFoil and Made in America) www.liftfoils.com
3. Our Coaches are Professionally trained, Safety-first oriented, and personally committed to the skill of eFoiling and helping others discover this amazing life-enriching technology.
4. We are the original eFoiling company in Panama City Beach, Fl and are here to stay.
5. Our main focus is quality and safety. We have your back.

How can I get involved?

1. Sign up for a Lesson at our website.
2. Become a part of the PCB eFoil network with one of our programs:
a. Local Business Connections (Special Events at your Business)
b. Sponsored Riders (Join the team)

How do I buy an eFoil?

1. Contact us and we will help you get the right kit by setting up your order with your exact specifications.
2. We give you a special code with a discount.
3. Pay how you want.
a. Did you know that you can use a Boat Loan to get your eFoil?
4. When you receive your eFoil we help you get started.

This revolutionary water technology is changing the way people play on the water all over the world. Join the movement today and see why so many people are falling in love with the electric hydrofoil.



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