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At Los Antojitos in Panama City, we heard you’ve been searching for the funkiest and tastiest Mexican restaurant around. Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Not only has Los Antojitos been creating and serving the best Mexican cuisine for more than 30 years, but we can say with certainty (along with our patrons) that our steaks are second to none.

So Much More than just Mexican Food!

We know, we know – you’re thinking serving excellent steaks at a Mexican restaurant just doesn’t fit the whole ambiance thing, but we’re all mistaken once in a while. Don’t worry, however – because we also have a complete selection of superlative Mexican food for you. Tacos and burritos and chimichangas and tamales and enchiladas, and tons more.

Oh, and we just have to tell you about our fresh squeezed margaritas. Yes, that’s right – fresh squeezed lime juice – always. Never bottled. You’ve never tasted anything quite like them.

We also have a must try Green Iguana that is super yummy – and if Sangria is your thing, we have our very own Homemade Sangria waiting just for you.

And our menu, well, let’s just say if you don’t think our Super Baked Burrito is quite big enough – then go for the Super Duper Baked Burrito. Seriously, we aim to get you full. Really.

From our award-winning appetizer Shrimp Ceviche, to salads, to Antojitos’ signature dish – ok, ok, we’ll tell you what it is. Get your taste buds ready for this – a baked Mexican casserole of cheese, chips, and your choice of filling topped with sour cream, OR a fried version of the chimichanga, but smothered with our very own famous house dressing. As they say – it will be love at first bite.

Let’s see, where did we leave off on the menu? Oh, right, our signature dish – then we have combos and a la carte, and desserts, and a kid’s menu, and sides… Plus, we can’t forget to tell you that all of our guacamole is made fresh, daily, right here in the Los Antojitos kitchen from whole, ripe avocados. Always. There’s just nothing quite as good as freshly made guacamole.

All of our salsas are made fresh every single day, too, and our chips are made fresh throughout the day as well. We think you’re getting the idea we love to cook and we love to please our customers. Now, we’ve already mentioned our margaritas, but we also have plenty of ice cold beer – imports and domestics to pick from. And, our Happy Hour is every day from 3pm to 6pm.

One last thing – we don’t want to forget to let you know about our awesome catering service. At Los Antojitos we absolutely love catering. From small and intimate to large and lavish we get your guests well fed and satisfied. Our chef, Matt Harbison, has excellent creds from the Culinary School at Gulf Coast Community College, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Administration from FSU. So go ahead, plan that party, invite your friends, and give us a call. We can’t wait to be the tasty part of your festivities. Just leave the food prep to us – you’ll be glad you did, and your friends will too.

So, just to really seal the deal, here’s a few words from some of our customers:
…there is nowhere else worth eating Mexican at once you have been to Los Antojitos… …my favorite fish taco of all time… …I could probably write a small book about the ceviche – it’s the best I’ve ever tasted… …my favorite of all of the Panama City Restaurants…

One of our favorite testimonials!
This is only the second time in all my travels that I have taken the time to comment after the fact, on a restaurant experience. The facts: A two week stay at PCB and a trip to Best Buy. Asked the cashier and her coworker to recommend a Mexican restaurant. They did not hesitate in naming Los Antojitos and gave excellent directions.We passed at least three other Mexican restaurants on the way to yours. Place was busy, funky and very friendly.Food was amazing, – margaritas awesome and the House Sangria, well we were back two more times over the course of our vacation. What a gold mine! 4.5 stars! 

Come enjoy your next meal with us. Los Antojitos is sure to become your favorite Mexican restaurant, too.

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