Living The Beach life in Panama City Beach

We love living here in Panama City Beach.  Although many of our staff members are not originally from this area, the beautiful beaches, the shimmering crystal clear waters of the Gulf, the breath-taking sunsets and some truly amazing weather has become the place we call home. Since our inception, we have had so many ideas about how to spread our affection for our community, introduce readers to some of the amazing people from around the country that now live and work here and give a little insight as to what it’s like to both vacation and live here.

Sure, Panama City Beach is growing at an exponential rate and businesses are popping up all over the place, but it still is very much a small beach town.  After some deliberations it finally hit us.  Even though we probably work a little too much, surround ourselves in technology, and get caught up in the big-ness of it all, we are really living the beach life.

One of us refuses to wear shoes and only wears flip flops.  This would be totally unacceptable in most environments…unless you live at the beach.  Deciding that you’re taking off work Tuesday because the water is waaaay to pretty not to take a dip may not a great idea, but completely understandable if you live here at the beach. The knowledge that a Piña Colada could be classified as a required beverage if the temperature is over 85 for more than three days straight is ingrained in those that live the beach life.  Getting a phone call from your neighbor that they caught way too many fish and there are a couple of Red Snapper in his cooler with your name on ‘em.  Yeah…the beach life is awesome…..

This new section of our website is dedicated to just that concept.  We want to give readers a small taste of the beach life. Things that make visiting Panama City and Panama City Beach so great with stories from people just like us that are really living and experiencing all that the beach has to offer.

In the future you can expect a very wide array of topics that will include tips from some of the best fishermen in the area, recipes from both our in-house foodies and local chefs, libations and concoctions from some of the best mixologists in the country, travel and vacation tips from local folks and even musings from a Yankee that moved down from up north to find a home on the world’s most beautiful beaches.

A big part of our future depends on you.  We really look forward to your comments and want to hear from you. Hit us up if you have a story idea or just want to say hi.   We’re on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow us there, but we recommend that you bookmark us, favorite us, or write down our link old school style with a real pen and paper so you can come back and see how much fun we’re having at the beach!