Buddy Gandys Seafood in Panama City

Selling Florida Fresh Seafood since 1950!

Here at Buddy Gandy’s Seafood Market in Panama City, Florida, we specialize in fresh, locally caught seafood, selling wholesale and retail.  We’ve been a family operation since 1950, and have earned the reputation for offering the highest quality fresh shrimp, crab, snapper, oysters, and more.  We ship within the U.S. and Canada, in addition to supplying local restaurants in Panama City Beach and even New York’s prestigious Fulton Fish Market.

Local fishermen here in the Panama City and Panama City Beach area are crucial to our business. We offer seafood caught in both Gulf water and Bay water. And because we buy straight from their boats you can be assured your seafood is fresh. You can then purchase it as either whole fish or we will dress it for you.

We not only buy from the local fishermen, but we help supply some of your favorite local restaurants as well. Some of our regular customers are Captain Anderson’s, Pineapple Willy’s, Schooner’s, and Uncle Ernie’s, just to name a few. So the next time you’re dining out and enjoying your seafood meal there, you can think of us here at Buddy Gandy’s Seafood.

Because Buddy Gandy’s remains a family run business, and because we maintain such excellent relationships with our local fishermen, you can always count on us to have the freshest and highest quality seafood for sale around the area, along with excellent prices.

When you stop by our market you’ll see we sell most of our fish whole and will then process it to order, dressing your fish upon purchase. Here’s just a partial list of some of our regular offerings (remember, though – everything is subject to seasonal availability):

Apalachicola oysters
Blue crab
Snapper – red, black, white, vermillion (or BBs as they’re known locally)
Grouper – red, black, yellowfin, scamp
and much more…

We also offer a fish cleaning service for just $.60/lb, with your catch dressed to your specifications. Up until about 1956 or so, deck hands would typically clean fish in what was, many times, unsanitary conditions. So, when someone suggested the Gandys start cleaning fish as a service in their fish house, they took up the challenge. The Gandys pioneered fish cleaning for others and now, whether you have 2 fish on a string, or have a pick-up truck full, we’ll dress your fish for you. We often clean the catch for charter boat passengers. So, just bring in your catch and tell us how you’d like it dressed.

You can also place your seafood order online and we’ll ship it to you. We ship within the entire United States and Canada for your convenience. With our shipping service, we pack your order for transport in either vehicles or planes, and prefer to ship UPS door to door so your seafood is fresh when it arrives. We’ll pack and ship your order the same day if you place your order by noon CST Monday through Thursday.

At Buddy Gandy’s Seafood Market our long years of experience in selling seafood, plus weathering all the changes in the industry throughout the last 5 decades, has made us not only a household name in Panama City and Panama City Beach, but has by necessity kept us at the forefront of every aspect of the fishery business. To put it succinctly – we know seafood.

So, whether you live in the area year round, or are just vacationing in Panama City, make sure to stop in and pick out your next homemade seafood dinner here. We’re positive we won’t disappoint. And, if you need, we have some free recipes too. Just to make your meal that much tastier.



Buddy Gandy’s Seafood

3004 W Hwy 98
Panama City Beach, Florida 32401

Phone Number:
Local: 850.784.0663