Lagoon Pontoon rentals in Panama City Beach
Your right hand is full on the throttle, only open water in front of you. The engine underneath you is firing water behind you as you cut through the bay. You and your bestie have a rendezvous with some dolphins just another couple of minutes ahead. After that is a walk on the raw beauty of undeveloped Shell Island, collecting immaculate shells, sand dollars, starfish, urchins. You have dinner and bask in the sun.

You watch the watercolor sky of the sunset as you head back, the wind whipping your hair you feel the evidence of the magnificent day on your face, the wind and the sun making it glow. Yes. Renting jet skis from Lagoon Pontoons was the perfect idea.

Where else would you find such a friendly and helpful crew of people to make sure you have that perfect day? Where else would you find a nearly new jet ski to ride and most of all, where else would you be able to take your jet skis out on the water by yourselves…no guide needed? Nowhere on Panama City Beach, that’s for sure. We were glad we decided to take them for the whole day.

It’s a good thing we looked at all the reviews online. Every single one, five stars. Everyone raved about how Lagoon Pontoons made everything easy. From the jet ski rentals to the pontoon dolphin adventures to the day reeling in the fish, we knew it was the right place.

Caleb and Marty and the rest of the crew at Lagoon Pontoons made us feel like friends, not just customers. We could tell they weren’t there to take our money and send us on our way. They treated us like buddies. They wanted us to experience what they’ve experienced, the absolute beauty of the water and the sand shared with friends. Panama City Beach as the paradise it is.

Here’s what it comes down to. There are countless places around the beach to go for a boat trip. But it was PLagoon Pontoons’ attention to detail the sold us. Going out on the pontoon for a day snorkeling with the dolphins (and even taking pics with your waterproof disposable camera you can get from them) we knew our kids and the whole family were safe on the flat surface and fenced-in design of the boat. The guide wasn’t on his own pre-scheduled route. He went where we wanted to go. Plus, they are closer to Shell Island than any of the rental places around. You could be spending the day on a bus or you could hop on the jet ski or pontoon and be there in 10 minutes. You choose.

Me, I’m glad we chose Lagoon Pontoons. We’ll be back net year.



Lagoon Pontoons

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