Wonderworks in Panama City Beach

WonderWorks™ is an indoor amusement park for the mind! Let your imagination run wild at PCB’s ICONIC upside-down house. Explore the over 100 hands-on interactive exhibits, meant to entertain and educate. Take a ride on the Grace Digger Monster Truck VR experience, get your thrills on the virtual roller coaster, compete a family-friendly game of laser tag, and get flipped upside-down on one of the most unique attractions – Space Fury 360. WonderWorks™ Panama City Beach is a four-story interactive fun lab, housed in an eye-catching upside-down building cradled at the “PCB Pointe,” where Middle Beach, Front Beach Roads and North Thomas Drive intersect.

Lazer Tag

Enter the Laser Tag maze, a 10,000 square foot light and laser Coliseum where New Age battles are fought. Vest up and face off. Play “every man and woman for themselves,” or quickly choose up teams. It’s an exciting, heart-pounding adrenaline rush using the latest innovative laser technology. Lightning quick reflexes, a sharp eye and a fast trigger finger will be key attributes to successfully outplay, outlast and outshoot your opponents. WonderWorks™ Laser Tag is an exhilarating experience.


360˚ Bikes

WonderWorks™ has literally put a new spin on tandem cycling with its novel 360° Bikes! You and a fellow cyclist will be secured in an innovative bicycle built for two – one where the faster you peddle the more you revolve upside-down – just like the WonderWorks™ building! Can you imagine being paired with Lance Armstrong on this ride?


Wonder Coaster

The Wonder Coaster gives you 360°s of pitch and roll motion in this virtual ride. Strap in for the ride of a lifetime on this virtual, 360 experience. Choose your intensity, buckle up, and hold on tight! WonderWorks™ is giving you all the thrills of a traditional theme park without ever leaving the building!

* Wonder Coaster riders must be a minimum of 48” in height to ride the attraction.


Ropes Course

The WonderWorks™ Ropes Course provides the perfect environment for personal growth and development, as well as great family team building event. You’ll be challenged by rope ladders and parallel rope bridges, where your dexterity, balance and focus must come together for you to successfully complete this human spider web. Safety is always the first consideration, and the lanyard harness system keeps both large and small competitors just inches from the apparatus if a misstep is taken. See if you can complete the rope maze without losing your balance.


Grave Digger

This ride will change the way you experience attractions! Through the power of virtual reality, you will be put in the driver’s seat of a Monster Truck for an unbelievable experience. This ride combines VR, wind effects, pitch and roll movements, music and more to create an unforgettable ride of your life!

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9910 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, Florida 32407

Phone Number:
Local: 1.850.249.7000


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