Zoo World in Panama City Beach

A Zoological and Botanical Park

ZooWorld’s mission is devoted to the public education of the beauty and variety of wildlife and our responsibility for the conservation of their habitat. We offer a unique opportunity for our guests to look directly into the eyes of diverse animals and see the intelligence behind the fur. Our hope is to plant a seed that will bloom and impact future generations so there can be the survival of all species that are an integral part of our planet.

From the outset, ZooWorld’s mission has been to provide an enlightening, family oriented, recreational experience while pursuing the parallel goal of participating in international wildlife conservation. The whole idea behind ZooWorld is an ambitious one. We focus on the intensity and quality of the park, not just the size. Our guests encounter a unique, closer view of the zoological and botanical life which they may find too far away to see in other parks, a goal we strive for every day.

ZooWorld in Panama City Beach gives hands on opportunities to learn more about these beautiful animals and get up close and personal. ZooWorld offers daily shows, included with your admission, with different species of animals that are both informative and entertaining. ZooWorld also offers photo opportunities at the end of each show for a lasting memory. Just think you can climb up and sit with Montana the Gray Wolf and have your photo taken with him as well as many other animals. Educational programs are offered such as Keeper For A Day, a three hour adventure of a behind the scenes look into what it is to be a zoo keeper. You will learn animal diets, animal husbandry, habitats, and assist with one of the shows.

Personal encounters are another program for a more hands on experience. Various encounters are offered through out the year with different animals, so you can see first hand some of the characteristic traits of Lemurs, Kangaroos, Gray Wolfs and more. Zoo camp is a summer program that is a daily attendance Monday – Friday for a week long study and hands on experience for children ages 6 – 13. Activities vary and may include “Mock” veterinary care for the animals, making enrichment for the animals, and many more activities ending with a show on Friday for parents to attend.

ZooWorld is a Non-Profit 501 ( C ) 3 educational facility and a proud member of ZAA(Zoological Association of America). As a non-profit organization, ZooWorld relies solely on daily admissions, sponsorships, special activities and donations for day to day operations, medical care for the animals, park renovations, and maintenance. The food bill can be one of the most costly expenses for zoos. For example the animals can eat up to 25,000 lbs of meat per year or 80,000 lbs of hay per year, 40,000 lbs of produce, not to mention primate diet, and special diets for animals under strict dietary needs. Your admissions and donations help us provide these needs to our animal family.

ZooWorld is open year round for locals and visitors to visit. Visit our website, www.zooworldpcb.net, for our seasonal hours and non-seasonal hours, or call 850-230-1243.




9008 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, Florida 32407

Phone Number:
Local: 1.850.230.1243